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2018 Funding Thermometer showing $350,000 goal as fully funded.Advocate

Our board of directors are dedicated advocates of the Library who value ensuring Library access for all. They build relationships with individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations, and actively seek support for Library core services and innovative programs.


An Impact Committee from the Board guides the funding process by reviewing grant applications from the Library, interviewing Library staff, and making investment recommendations to the entire Foundation board regarding priority Library programs and services.


Success is determined by how we positively impact the lives of library customers, through our fundraising success and the outcomes achieved through the Impact Investment process.



Focus Areas of Support


Chart with small wedge for Community, slightly larger for Learning and very large for Enjoyment.Prepare the very young to learn.
Support school and career success for all ages.


Inspire curiosity and imagination.
Foster a love of reading.
Create opportunities to discover new interests or pursue passions.


Connect people with information and community resources that help them navigate life’s challenges.




Early Learning

Block Play and KABOOM Imagination PlaygroundTM help children build skills in math, literacy, science, social-emotional development, and technology. Blocks and books are transported to library branches, Head Start/ECEAPS programs and community events.

Baby Books to Go provides parents with a ready-to-go tote bag filled with five board books and colorful activity sheets.


Ipads, supporting story times and tech support/instruction for adults, is to be available at every library location.

Science to Go backpacks with five books related to a specific STEM subject, activity sheet and a field notebook are available at the library.

Classes in computer code programming, 3-D printing, Lego Mindstorms, a robot building program, are available.

Adult Learning

Job & Business Centers (JBC), at the libraries, provide Microsoft product certification workshops and four job hiring events.

After receiving help from a librarian, a customer worked at a JBC computer to apply for jobs, later he emailed to say thank you and that he submitted five job applications. He stopped by the next day and happily reported that he had two job interviews. One week later he came back to announce he has a new job

Life After High School supports high school graduates through college prep, finding jobs or internship/apprentice programs and provide learning opportunities to build life skills such as financial literacy.


E-Books and E-Readers

E-book publication trends are making it easier to purchase titles and expand reading materials available especially for seniors needing large print. Training in use of e-books and e-readers will be available.

Building a Reading Community

Summer Reading is designed to keep students reading through the summer months, better preparing them for the next level in education and life. Youth are provided with incentives to keep learning through reading.

Our Own Expressions is a countywide teen contest involving writing, poetry, photography and art. It is promoted through the News Tribune, libraries, and schools. Teens enter their work, professionals in each field select the final winners. Their work is published and the books are available at the library for all to read.


On the Road

Brings summer reading to youth at community sites, focusing on those whom face significant socioeconomic and transportation barriers to access branch services.

Outreach Connectivity

Explores new technology solutions to provide library service at community sites.

Community Programs

Pierce County MakerFest is a one day, all age celebration of the Do it Yourself culture.

Pierce County Conversations is a youth, teen, and adult program intending to explore a range of opinions and viewpoints, and to have meaningful dialogue with neighbors.

Our libraries are one of the most important institutions of a free democratic republic. Must support.
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