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Individual, consistent, support of the Impact Fund allows the Foundation to fulfill its mission to ensure the Library is able to build its collection of books, music, videos, and digital resources including e-books and audio-books, and continue all the valuable community-based programs and services that benefit us every day.

The Pierce County Library Foundation appreciates your generous support and annually recognizes Individuals at the following levels:

Subscribers – Individuals making recurring donations of any amount

First Edition Leadership Circle – Individuals making annual contributions of $1,000+

Memoir Society Members – Individuals who have included the Foundation in their estate plans

Page Turners – Individuals making consecutive annual gifts for 2+ years

       Subscribers and Memoir Society Members are also recognized as Page Turners

Write your Legacy: Join the Memoir Society and deepen your investment

In addition to your consistent monetary gifts, you can deepen your investment in the Pierce County Library Foundation’s mission by choosing from many unique giving options, leaving a legacy that will benefit others for years to come. Bequests, life income gifts, life insurance, non-cash assets, and securities are just a few of the ways in which donors can benefit their personal financial situation and support the Pierce County Library System.

Contact Dean Carrell, Pierce County Library Foundation Director, at 253-548-3456 or dcarrell@piercecountylibrary.org for more information.

Corporate and Foundation Giving

The Corporate and Foundation Giving Program offers rewarding recognition opportunities for local businesses, corporations and foundations that make significant investments in Pierce County Library System services and programs.

Learn more about Corporate Giving Opportunities

Contact Christina Greene, Major Gifts Officer: Individual & Corporate Philanthropy at 253-548-3458 or cgreene@piercecountylibrary.org to discover giving opportunities.

The Foundation is grateful for the generosity of the following individuals and organizations

Text in italics denotes Subscribers l Bold text denotes First Edition Circle membership  l Underlined text denotes Page Turners l Blue text denotes membership in the Memoir Society.

Karen Abarr
Jeanine Adams
Nancy Adams
Beth Ahlstorm
Darlene Akins
Sarah Alarcon
Mark Alastra
Donna Albers
Julieta Alberto
Bruce and Wendy Alexander
Carol Alexander
Fred and Susan Alexander
Sally Alger
Mary Kay Allen
Robert and LuzMaria Allen
Francisco Alvarez
Bill Alvord
Jill Anderson
Judith Anderson
Kent and Karen Anderson
Toni Anderson
Susan Anderson-Newham
Lauren Angelo
Kim Archer
Mary and Jerry Argenzio-West
Leslie and Katherine Armstrong
Steven and Carol Arnold
Ellen Aronson
Dee Askew
Lauren and Timothy Atwill
Kayce Austin
Kris Autrand
Scott Baird
William and Karen Baker
Katie Baker
Paul Bala
Henry A. Ball Family
George and Linda Bare
Kristin Barsness
Mary Bartley
Marcia Batchelor
Candice Baujan-Carr
Dennis and Sandy Beachler
Edwin and Dorothy Bean
Francisca and Richard Beaver
Dianne Bechtold
Lynda Becktold
Steven Behr
Karen Bellamy
Barbara and Richard Belton
Janet and David Bemiller
Jo Benedetti
Vicki Benham
Don Bennett
Irene and Charles Bensinger
Janet Bent
Petronella and Joseph Bentvelzen
Brian Berg
Mesfin Berhe and Rahwa Woldesillasie
Paul Berliner
Margaret Bing and Jack Gordon
Myrna and Richard Binion
Barbara Bitetto
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Darin Blackburn
Diana Blair
Kathy Blanchard
Liliane Boardman
Carol and Robert Bohlman
Mary Bohn
Cindy and Frank Bonaro
Oliver and Florence Bond
Ruby Booras
Catherine Booth
Venessa Borg
Rondi Boskovich
Betty Boushey
Elizabeth and Donald Bower
Marsha Bradbury
Lisa Brady
Peggy Braile
Marle Brandt
Christine Brass
Mary Brasseaux
Cat and Mel Brazley
Claire Brecher
Dorothy and Donald Bremner
James Brennan
Peggy Brennan
Paulette and Benjamin Bridges
Ruth Briehl
Karla Briggs
Shirley Broadbent
Henry Brock
Dan Bronoske
Karen Brooks
Cindy Brooks
Amy Brown and Donna Bowen
Bill and Beth Bruno
David Bryant
Lisa Bryant
Amanda Bucy
Ben Budde
Sheila Bujacich
Matt Burlingame
Lauren Burlison
Karen and Jeffrey Burns
Scott Buser
Monica Butler and Peter Philley
Ross and Gwyneth Byrne
Linda Cain and Arno Berstrom
Angenette Call

Toni Cameron
Robert and Sharon Camner
Richard and Sandra Camp
Patricia Campbell and Christina Foster
Martha and Scott Cannaday
Carl and Jessica Cannon
Grace Cannon
Candace and Edward Capizzi
Carino and Associates
Elissa Carlisto
Christine and Daniel Carnrite
Steve Carmody
Dean Carrell
Karen Carston
J. Carter
Barbara Casey
Andy Casillas and Susan Kopp-Casillas
Valerie Cassingham
Hector Castro
Judy and Roy Caviezel
Alysha Chadderdon
Keith Chambers
Gayle Chang
Scott and Mary Chapman
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Melinda Chesbro
Diane Chick
James and Sandra Church
Lynette Church
City of Lakewood
Joe and Teresa Clabots
Gerri and John Clough
John Coe and Maxine Leighton
Karen and Thomas Colburn
Robert and Annabella Cole
Wendy Colebank and Bob Kellington
Brenda and Steven Colgan
Linda and Jimmy Collins
Frank and Frances Conn
Richard Collins
John and Susan Conway
Duncan and Joan Cook
Rosemary Cooke
Kim Cookson
Joan Cooley
David and Sherie Coons
Kathleen Cooper
Karen Coor
Jennifer Cornwell
Mariano and Yolanda Corpuz
Beverly and Stan Corrington
Anne Cosgrove and Dennis Reid
Linda and Stephen Cossalman
Sandy and Francis Cousens
Nancy Covey
Teresa Covington
Lauren Cox
Vera and John Cragin
Diane and Ralph Craver
Kimberly and Bryon Cregeur
Colleen Crewdson
Cynthia Crose
Sylvia Cullom
The Cummings Family
Lawrence and Carolyn Curles
Joan Curtis
Robyn Curtis
Franklin Dacca
Scott Dale
Bob and Kathryn Dalton
Cynthia K Dalton
Mary Daman
Sharon D’Andrea
Robert and Diane Dardis
Cynthia Darland
Adriana David
Anne-Marie Davidson
Robert Davidson
Aimee D’Avignon
Thomas Davis
Sander de Haan
Jayne Dempsey
Leighann Denney
Trevor Dennie
Jill Deppe
Martha Derr
Pearl DeSure
Joan and Raymond DeVries
Loretta Skochenko Dhaese and Dennis Dhaese
Dolores Dietrich
Lisa and Terrance Dillon
Dimmer Family Foundation
Deborah and David Dimond
Gerald Dines
Loretta Dobias
Linda Doelle
Audrey Don
Julie Dorsey
Allan Doss
Beatrice and Gary Doty
Diane Downie and Paul Shelley
Donald Drewel
Vickie Drysdale
Diana Dundore
Dwyer Pemberton & Coulson P.C. (DP&C)
Trevor Dykeman
Michael Dzyban
Allane Eastberg

Ronald and Eleanore Eccles
Talmage Edman
Ryan Edington
Jennifer Edwards
Julie and Stephen Edwards
Chin Leng Ee
Gail Egbers
Joan Eisenhardt
Melody Sky Eisler
Donald and Paula Eismann
Karen and Lars Paul Ek
Pamela Elderkin
David Eldridge
Dianne Ellis
Kit Ellis
Dennis and Patricia Elonka
Mark and Paula Emery
Michael Engelhardt
Annie and Morgan Enoch
Frank and Kathleen Erickson
Kathi Erickson and Charles Williams
Larry Essenpreis
Judy Estroff
Grace Eubanks
Andy and Jane Evancho
Robert Evans and Eloise Richardson
John and Audrey Eyler
Louise and Ronald Ferguson
Janis Fiebelkorn
Betsy Fine
Linda Finkas
Harold Fish
Nancy Fishburne
Sharon Fisher
Marilyn Fitzgerald
Stephanie Flagg
Deanna Fleischfresser
Florence B. Kilworth Foundation
Lin Folino
Mary and John Folsom
Joseph and Samantha Foyil
George Frey
Friday Book Club
Stephen and Nicole Friedrick
Friends of Bonney Lake Library
Friends of Dupont Library
Friends of Eatonville Library
Friends of Gig Harbor Library
Friends of Graham Library
Friends of Lakewood Library
Friends of Milton/Edgewood Library
Friends of Parkland/Spanaway Library
Friends of South Hill Library
Friends of Steilacoom Library
Friends of Summit Library
Friends of University Place Library
Debbie and Eldon Friesen
J Frisbie
Marci and Drew Fritchman
Jacqueline Fritz
The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation
V Louise Fuehrer
Trudy Fujioka
Ashlea Fulmer
James and Kathleen Funck
Phillip and Donna Funk
Lise Gagne
Linda and Robert Gaines
Steven and Kathryn Galbraith
Tom Galdabini and Colleen Waterhouse
Wendi Gall
Donna Gallagher
Patricia Gamache
Laura and Grant Gardner
Tara Garland
Carol and Frank Garratt
Susan and John Geatz
Mary Sue and Art Gee
Lynda and Dennis Geer
Ken and Sylvia Gentili
Emily George
Lois Gerard
Andrea Gernon
Mary and Scotty Getchell
Cynthia and David Gibbons
Rochelle Giddings
Robert and Samantha Giffords
Gig Harbor Garden Tour Association
Joan Gilbert
Wayne and Elizabeth Gilham
Mary Ginger and Bryan Mueller
Cathy Giste
Helen Glaum and Katherine Pratt
Gary and Linda Glein, Glein Family Foundation
Peter Glenn
Kathleen and Jeffrey Goetz
Margaret and Alan Golston
Carol Goodin
Michael and Caireen Gordon
Norm and Ann Gosch
Nancy Grabinski-Young and Bruce Young
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Gracey
Steve and Wendy Gray
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Cheree Green
Joel Green

Kevin Green
Nancy Green and Debra Seelye
Christina Greene
Marianne Gregory
Louise and Donald Grieve
Margaret Grieve-Fent
Carolyn and Dennis Griffen
William and Marylou Griffin
Gregory and Laura Grimstad
Marilyn Grose
Richard Gudmunson
Ruth Guerrero
John Guy and Lorette Meske
Ronald and Marion Hale
Zahirah Habassi
Anita Hall
Barry Hall
Linda Hall
Pam Hall
James and Gayle Halmo
Phillip Halverson
Sue Hamel
Mary Hammond
Laura Hamre
Michele Hancock
Shema and Ulf Hanebutte
Lori Hanick
Elizabeth Hansen
Susan and Joseph Hanshaw
Somer Hanson
Betty and Gary Hardes
Dennis and Kathy Hardman
James and Patricia Harnish
David Harrington
Hilary Harris
Judy and Jordan Harris
Linda and Thomas Harrison
Carol Hartman
Tracy and Lars Harvey
Tana and Rex Hasart
Deborah Hatstat
Jonathan and Janis Hawkes
Larry Hayden
Jean Hayes
Lisa Haynes
Janice Hayter
Elizabeth Hazen
Janice Healy
Howard and Carol Heck
Liane Heckman
Kim Heggerness
Mary and Donald Heinz
Jutta Heller
Bea and Sam Hellis
Kathlyn Henderson
Phyllis Henry
Kathleen Heppell
Nina S. Heritage
Barbara Herrmann
John and Patricia Hickey
Judith Highton
Ginger and Craig Hill
Richard and Ida Hill
Kelsey Hilmes
George and Karin Hirchert
David Hirst
Michael Hodun
Kent Hoffman
Terry and Lynne Hoffman
Richard and Julia Hoffmeister
Julie Holmes
Magdalena Holmes
Amber Holt
William and Andrea Holt
Betty Honnold
Julia and Lee Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins and Amy Jones
Donald and Ailsa Houck
Sherri Hruby
Hubbard Radio
Karyn Hubbell
Naomi Huddlestone
Teresa Huiras
Stephanie and Bernard Hulcher
Natalie Humphrey
Patricia Hunter and John Merry
Matthew Hurley
Connie and Larry Hyndman
Andrea Hynes
Roger and Rita Indrebo
William and Elizabeth Ingalsbe
Judy Ip
Sarah and Juan Iregui
Lura Irish
Beverly Isenson
Sharon Iverson
Phyllis Izant and David McInturff
Deborah Izumizaki
Melinda Jackson
S.J. Jacky
John Jacobs
Marianne Jacobs
Tina and Bruce Jacobs
Jeanne Jacobson
Michael and Linda Jacobson
Myrna Jacobson
Robert Jarrett
Dolores Jarvis

James and Dorinda Jenkins
Pat Jenkins
Aubrey Jennings
Janis Jensen and Harry Welling
Anne Jesse
Clifford Jo
Dean and LaVonne Johnson
Dona and Donald Johnson
Donald and Donna Johnson
Gary Johnson
Tesa Johnson
Lindsay and Jill Johnston
Sharon and Mike Johnston
Katina Johnstone
Alberta Jones
Lester and Daren Jones
Margo Jones
Meaghan Jones-Rush
Jeness and Darrell Joque
John and Tammy Joseph
Joette Jouglard
Jeanne Juneau
Paul and Alice Kaltinick
Lynn Kanaya
Lynn Karp
Pamela Kassuhn
Patricia Verdella Keenan
Peg Kehret
Kathleen Kelley
Kit Kendall
Karen and Tom Kenneally
Guy and Annette Kenyon
Jarusha Kenyon
Diane Kerlin
Jean Kernen
KeyBank of Washington
George Kibunyi and Joyce Njuguna
Valerie Kiel
Laurie Kierans
Esther Kim
Jong Kim
Jerry Kimball
Linda and Gary King
Ann Kirby
Julie Kirchner
Juliann Kirk
Marlee Kleca
Stephen and Colleen Klein
Albert and Julie Klingbeil
Victoria Knapp
Halley Knigge
Kristie and Daniel Knodel
Nancy Knott
David and Marion Knudson
Tracy Koch
April Koller
Dessie Komp
Robert Koreis
Mark and Monika Kozakowski
Aaron Krohn
Mary Kay Kubovec
Susan Kunkel
Su and Herbert Kwon
Lora LaCasse
Virginia Lack
Clara Ladd
Phillip and Winifred Lake
Corinne Lalanne
James and June Lambert
Elizabeth Lane
Mary Jane and Forest Lane
Christine Lange
Jennifer Langhelm
Nicole Langlow
John and Nancy Larsen
Clarence and Kazuko Latshaw
Lori Laubach and Mike Quatsoe
Sharon and Paul Lavell
Hanna Lawless
Cristie Laybourn
Peggy Leach
Patricia Lebbert
Margaret and Earl LeClair
Gil and Lisa LeFrancois
Carri Leir
Jenna LeJeune
Jovielle Lengele
Don and Lorraine Leonard
Margot LeRoy
Liz Leske
Gregory and Patricia Lewis
Jan Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Marilyn Likens
Rachel Likens
Peter and Coni Liljengren
Renee Lillie
Bruce and Barbara Lind
Karen Lindberg
Elizabeth Lindgren
Elizabeth Lindstrom
Steven and Cindy Lippert
Steven and Cynthia Litsky
Beth Liu
Brian Long
Georgia Lomax
Lisa Longano
Christine Lopez
Michele Lovell

Joyce Lowery
Claudia Loy
Sue Lubash
Christine Lucey
Janice Ludwig
Liz Lufkin
Adrian and Miriam Lugo
Paul and Lita Luvera
Lisa Lyderson
Kristine Lyle
Jeanne Lyon
William Maakestad
Ann Mabry
Michael and Marcia Madden
Travis and Brittany Mahugh
Charla Malmberg
Mary Manning
Dorette Markham
Mary Marlin
David and Mary Marquardt
Cathy Martin
Mary Martin
Robert and Nancy Martin
Tami and Blair Masenhimer
Julia Matthes-Ciaccio
Linda Maxwell and Karla Rudy
Pam Mayer
Sandy Mazzei
Petra and Patrick McBride
Susan McBride
J.J. and Jay McCament
Susette McCann
Kathryn and Conor McCarthy
Helena McCartney
Gregg McClellan
Christine McClendon
Sheila McClue
James and McKena McConachie
Nissa McCormack
Mary McDaniel
Anna McDonald
Hillary McDonald
Joanne McDonough
D.V. and Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust
Patricia McFerran
Lindsay Mcgaughey
Barbara McGhee
Karen McGhee
Patricia McGill
Carol McGonagill
William McHatton
Cynthia K McKenzie
Frances McLaughlin
Peter and Kristine McLean
Larry McLoud
Kelly McNally
Marse and Beth McNaughton
Laura McNeese
Ann McPartlon
Beverley McPherson and Monica Jo Henderson
Marcella McPherson
John and Juanita McVeigh
Charles and June Meacham
Jennifer Meacham
Sheilagh Means and E. Mikhael
Julie Mehegan
Maxine Mehlhaff
Uwe and Gunhild Meissner
Allison and Gregory Melchert
Gene and Kathy Mendenhall
Tamara Meredith
Jill Merritt
Stephanie Merritt
Susan Merritt
Kenneth Merry
Ruth Meshriy
Kathleen and Louie Mettler
Francis Meyer
John Michaels
Yolanda Michaels
Nadine Michaelson
Microsoft Corporation
Lavern Mikesell
John and Joyce Miller
Melinda and Mark Miller
Suzanne Miller
LeAnn Minister
Richard and Margit Minott
Carmen Miravalle and Tarcisio Croppi
Betty and Teddy Mitchell
Clifford and Mary Mitton
Sheila and Harley Moberg
Katherine Modahl
Rio Molina
Don and Janet Monroe
Neetha Mony
Harriet Mooney
Wendy Moore
Susan Morgan
Gloria Morris
Lynne and Jud Morris
Zoe Morris
Jessica Morrish
Susan and Charles Morrison
Kathryn and Steven Morse
Kim Mose
Cristin Mount

Gwendolyn Mroszczak
MultiCare Health System
Barbara Mundy
Mary Munoz
Ann Philis Murphy
Janice Murphy
James Murray
Thomas and Marge Murray
Toby and Laurie Murray
Trisha Muschett
Heather Myers
Joan and Richard Myers
Jim Mynar
Bunny Nance
James and Yumiko Nanjo
Prudence Nau
Meredith Neal
Charles Nelson
Johanna Nelson
Judy T Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Ruth Nelson
Network for Good
Flossie Nichols
Ann Nicholson
Laura and Gary Nicholson
Nancy Nickelson and Gayle Stringer
Roger Nix
James Nixon
Alana Nodell
The Norcliffe Foundation
Kim Nordby
Diane Norris
Margaret and Dennis Nugent
Barbara and Al Nyhuis
Patricia and Dennis Nyland
Brian Nyman
Frances Obsitnik
Sheila Ogburn
Evelyn and Kenneth Olive
Martha and Walter Olsen
Phyllis and Stanley Olsen
James Olson
Margaret O’Neal
Dennis O’Neil
Herbert O’Niell
Ina Oppliger
Bob and Judy Orlando
Louie and Julie Orlando
Richard and Phyllis Overman
Rosemarie Pagel
Edie Pagliasotti
Carol and Ake Palm
Neel Parikh and Patricia Guy
Nicholas Parish and Sandra Bowman
Sandy Paul
Stacy Paull
Anthony Paulson and Joan Benderson
John Pavlish
Don and Nancy Pearson
Carol Pelander
Patricia Pelletier
Jamilyn Penn
Carolyn Penner
Dale Pennington
PEO Chapter AN
Amy and Drew Perine
Donna and Donald Perry
Connie and Robert Peters
Maris Peters
Melody Peters
Beth Petersen
Terry and Shelley Petersen
Janet Peterson
Robert and Mary Peterson
Virginia Peterson
David Petrich
Phillips 66
Gloria Phillips
Cynthia Pierce
Susan Pinkis
Mark Pinto
Susan Piper
Laird and Julie Pisto
Robert and Paula Plaisance
Mary Plewnarz
Madeline Plumer
Jeanne and Kevin Powers
MaryAnn and James Powers
Kenneth and Mary Ann Pratt
Margit Pratt
Candace Presleigh
Siri Preston
Kimberly Price
Linda Price
Print NW
Jaime and Travis Prothro
Janeen Provazek
Puget Sound Energy
Barry and Virginia Putman
Wasima Anjum and A. Rashid Quraishi
Barbara Racioppi
Karalee Rae
Isabel Ragland and Kenneth Hamrick
Un Yong and McKinley Rainey
Jean Ramey

Joy Randle
Maria Rash
Michael and Judith Rash
Stephanie Ratko
Tina and Bryan Rau
Tempie Ray
Judith Raymond
David and Donna Redemann
Martha Redford
Penny and Marshall Reed
Donald Rees
Tina Reese
Ruthann Marie Reim
Donna Reinhard
Roberta Sue Remlick-Taylor and Dave Taylor
Joe Renckly
Mark Reutlinger
Nicole Reynolds
Paul Reynolds
Caridad Rhoades
Judith Rhyshek
William and Carol Richardson
Maureen Ricks Wildish
Larry and Janis Riebow
Susan Rigley
Julie and Dennis Ritter
Joani Rittierodt
Carly Roberts
Ed and Lorilie Robison
Brenda Rodems
Gina Rodgers
Carol Roemke
Raelene Rogers
James and Cynthia Roggow
Audrey and Patrick Roley
Kimberly Rose
Jaqueline Rosenblatt
Christina Rosendaul
Carl and Valerie Rotter
Terry Rucker
Pamela Runyon
Sylvia Russell and Brian Wester
Jainene Ruttner
Gerry Rybicki
Tim Sage
Carlos Salamanca
Abigail Salcedohernandez
William D Salge
Waylan and Kay Salveson
David and Pat Sammeth
Julie Sandberg
Kirsten Sanford
Jaci Sawtelle
Shannon Scacciotti
Steve Schendel
George Schoch
Todd and Kim Schock-Rosenbach
School’s Out WA
Nancy Schrempf
Nancy Schultz
Norma Schwartz Moravec
David Schwartz
Kathy and Joe Scorcio
Barbara Scott
Sara Scott
Sherry Scott
Linda and Bruce Seiber
Mary Ann Seiwerath
John Selby
Susan Sena
David and Nancy Shaffer
Jeffrey and Constance Sharp
Marjorie Shea
Anna Shelton
Pam Sherer
Tim and Marcia Sherry
Stanley Sherwood
Connie Shines
Zora and S.C. Shinn
Frank and Myvanwy Shirley
Sandra Simatic
Jo and Odis Simmons
Diane Katz Sinding
Patricia and C. Joseph Sinnitt
Ampai Siripipat
Pat and Jim Skiffington
Reberta Skinner
Chris Slaughter
Mark and Nicole Slominski
Bev Smaby
Arlene Smith
David and Kathryn Smith
Donna Smith
Erika Smith
Lorie Smith
Mary Smith
Bobby and Ronda Snider
Katherine Snider
Patricia Sobczyk
Paul Sommers
Douglas Spellman
Jim and Cindy Stangl
Mary Stanton-Anderson
Luz Starck
Gloria and Bruce Steel
Haley Steele
Krystal Stephens
Sue Stevens
Toni and Tim Stevens

Patricia Stevenson
Dugald and Norita Stewart
Lorne Stewart
Willie and Faye Stewart
Carol Stockdale
Henry Stoll
Catherine Stone
Glenn Storbeck
Molly Stuen and Zenon Olbertz
Beverly and Michael Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan
Kimberly Swanson
Harold Sweeney
Jim and Jenise Sweeney
Chellis Swenson
Esmeralda Switzer
Gary Sykes
Tacoma Education Association
Michal and Gene Tallman
Debbie and Darryl Tan
Grace Tan
Brenda Tanksley
Bill Tanner
Roger Tanquist
Judy Tarr
Graham and Julie Tash
Gemma and Norman Tate
Eli and Lauren Taylor
Loreto Tessicini
The News Tribune
The Seattle Times

Brian Thomason
Kit and Peter Thompson
Kebra Thompson
Tracey Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Penni Thorpe
Mark Thurber
Steven and Lisa Tice
Richard and Sandra Tietjen
Lois Timmons
Margaret Timmons
Melanie Tobin
Lora Tomaszewski
Jan Torgenrud
Steven and Barb Treese
Merita Trohimovich
Dara t’Sas
Lawrence Turnbull
Lynnette Turner
Richard and Pam Ulrich
Margaret Upshaw
Glen and Linda Uyenoyama
Anna Van Der Raay
Kathryn Van Wagenen
Yen-Vy Van
Maureen Vanek
Pat and Anne Vaughan
Kimberly Vaught
Paula Visnaw

Stephen and Rebekah Vittori
Dan and Gwen Voelpel
Larissa Vogel
Michelle and Brian Wagner
Jeffrey Waldron
Pamela Waldron
Allison Walker
William and Elizabeth Walkowski
Bruce and Joyce Wallace
Edith Wallace
Diane Walsh
Jeffri Walters
Teena Ward Hyde
Betty Warner
Robert and Celia Warren
Kimberly Waterstraat
Victoria Watson
Linda Weatherby
Helen and Garrison Webking
Christina Webster
Laurel Webster
Harriet Wegner
Clare Weil
Ed Weinbrecht
Barry and June Weled
Max Welker
James Wells
Barbara Werschkul

Alma Wertz
Terry and Gary Westerkamp
Sue Weston and James Olp
Young Whang
Robert Wheaton
Douglas and Betsy Wheeler
Kirstine and Max Whisler
Camella Whitaker
Cherine White
Donna and Larry White
Erik White
Karen White
Luella White
Cookie and David Whitling
Ray Whitmore
Terry and Faye Whitworth
William Wilkinson
Kathleen Williams
Margaret Williams
Marsha Dee and Lloyd Williams
Marsha Williams and Russell Haydon
Stella Williams
Kathy Wilson
Mark Wilson
Peter Wilson
Richard Wilson
Nancy Wittenfeld
Cathy Wolfe

Kelly Wolff
Richard Woo and Arlene Joe
Dolores Wood
Mitch and Mary Ann Woodruff
Wayne and Mildred Woodruff
Ken Woods
James and Patricia Wooster
Constance Worthen
Nancy Worthington
Heather and Scott Wren
Cynthia Wright
Kathryn Wright
William A. Wright
Barbara Wyatt

Carolee Wynhoff
Kaz and Phoebe Yamamoto
Melodi Yanik
Tess Yanisch
YES Libraries Pierce Campaign
Michael Yoder
Bruce Young
Mary Young
Dorothy Zarelli and John Parker
Lucy Zhou
Jackie and Mike Zils
Edward Zimmerman
Philip Zitzelman