2021 Page Turners Thank You Gift

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Thank you for supporting your Library – year after year!

In 2021, donations to the Foundation supported services in three priority areas:

Technology Services – These resources provide access to technology, make tools available for students and job seekers by providing access to online classes, and connect customers with Librarians for one-on-one assistance.

Employment Assistance and Readiness – These resources help Library customers apply for unemployment, find a job, create a resume, prepare for interviews, begin a new career, or update professional skills.

Learning At Home – Resources for students (and parents) to support remote learning.

2021 Page Turner Thank You Gift Opt-In Form

Thank you for being a Page Turner and for supporting the Library through Pierce County Library Foundation year, after year! To receive this year's thank you gift - a set of limited edition bookplates for your home library - please complete the form below.